NFTs by
Vector Recite

Information and links to all marketplaces where you can collect my digital artworks. Checkout discord for latest updates.

Interactive + Dynamic NFTs

These artworks change according to your time zone into day and night versions. Some also have interactive capabilities where you can interact to change the artworks.

These dynamic artworks only work on OBJKT as of now. The instructions and interactive key bounds for each are given in the NFT description. You can check all of the dynamic ones from the link below.

Art Trade Token

Utility token for getting free artworks

Art Trade Tokens are a gift to all holders which can be exchanged for more artworks.

  1. Burn 3x tokens for 2D artworks & burn 6x tokens for 3D artworks using OBJKT burn function.
  2. Inform on discord “Art Trade” Channel or DM about the burn.
  3. Mention which artwork you want in exchange.

How to get Art Trade Tokens?

What can you do with this token?

  • Trade it for FREE artworks from my creations on OBJKT.
  • Early access to new drops on OBJKT.

How to Trade/Burn for Artworks?

You can use the “Burn token” function on OBKT to burn these tokens. If you need help with that, feel free to ask in discord. 

  • Burn 3 or 6 Art Trade Tokens and inform in Discord Art Trade channel or Twitter DM.
  • Mention the NFT you want to receive in exchange.

You can check the number of tokens you own here

What can I receive by using these?

These can be traded for my artworks on the Tezos chain, primarily OBJKT & Teia.

  1. You can only trade these for multi-edition NFTs which are on primary listings. (CANNOT be traded for a 1/1 or single edition)
  2. You cannot get multiple editions of the same artwork by burning 6,9,12 etc. Only 1 trade per artwork. 
  3. Some special artworks made for any event or as a gift for bids on auctions are not eligible for trade.
  4. If an event token is eligible for Swap, it will be notified in Discord/Twitter with Burn requirements.

All NFT drops are notified on discord with burn requirements. Join discord to not miss any important info.

Featured Mints

Here are some of my older mints in 2D art style. This selection is updated Frequently.

Miniature World

Tiny worlds, big stories. Explore in miniature style.



A minimalist, black-and-white generative profile picture (PFP) created to commemorate one-year anniversary of Bwople project by Gengoya.